woodmereWoodmere Elementary School is located just west of the Harvey Canal in the Woodmere subdivision of Jefferson Parish. It is a large suburban school on the westbank of New Orleans, housing approximately 550 students with a faculty and staff totaling more than 70 members.

The original school was built in 1984 and designed as a modern facility with the most current trends in education being used at the time. In August of 2005, Woodmere’s original building sustained serious damage during Hurricane Katrina and was demolished. However, August 2011, the construction of the new school building has been completed.The school building is state-of-the art with a library/media room, student research area, a multi-purpose room, 2 computer labs, a commercialized cafeteria, parenting center, teacher workstation, 2 play areas with age-appropriate playground equipment, and large multi-level classrooms with high tech equipment that is conducive for learning.

Woodmere has a large faculty which includes regular education teachers, special education teachers, one full-time speech therapist, a school-based social worker, part-time school-based nurse, an itinerant music teacher, one gifted education teacher who services Pre-K through fifth grade gifted students, one itinerant visual arts instructor for identified talented students, an itinerant adapted physical education teacher, full-time parent advisor, one full-time ESL teacher, two computer lab instructor, one media specialist, and paraprofessionals.